Military Unit Publications Army

100th Infantry Division, First Bn. 399th Inf. - The Red Raider
10th Armored Division, Camp Gordon, GA. - The Tigers' Tale
10th Mountain Division - Blizzard
113th Cavalry Group - The Wind Mill
12th Armored Division - Hellcat News
13th Armored Division - The Black Cat
13th Armored Division - The Kitten
24th Infantry Division: The War Week
25th Infantry Division - Tropic Lightning
29th Infantry Division - 29 Let's Go
2nd Infantry Division - Spearhead
348th Station Hospital - Down Time
36th Infantry Division - T-Patch 36th Division News
3rd Armored Division - 36th Armored Infantry Regiment - The Spearhead Doughboy
3rd Infantry Division - Front Line
45th Infantry Division - 45th Division News
474 Infantry Regiment - Spearhead
4th Armored Division - 80th Armored Regiment - Turret Topics
4th Armored Division - 8th Tank Battalion - Eight Ball news
501st Parachute Infantry Regiment - Geronimo
507th Parachute Infantry Regiment - Boots and Wings
5th Infantry Division - Diamond Dust
66th Infantry Division - Black Panther
671st Engineer Topo Company - I Corps in the Phillippines
6th Armored Division - Armored Attacker
71st Infantry Division - 14th Regiment - The Right of the Line
71st Infantry Division - Red Circle News
71st Infantry Division, 609th Field Artillery Battalion - On Target
746th Railroad Operating Battalion - Katy's Drawers
75th Infantry Division - The Mule
78th Infantry Division - Lightning
79th Infantry Division - Lorraine Cross
79th Infantry Division, 313 Infantry Regiment - The Dim View
80th Infantry Division, 319 Infantry Regiment - The Gravel Agitator
81st Infantry Division - Wildcat
821 Tank Destroyers Battalion - Panther Strikes
83rd Infantry Division - 331st Infantry Combat Team - The TTF
83rd Infantry Division - Spearhead
83rd Infantry Division - The Bounce
83rd Infantry Division - Thunderbolt
84th Infantry Division - The Railsplitter
87th Infantry Division, 346th Infantry Regiment - Countersign
90th Infantry Division - 357 Infantry Regiment - 357 Reveille
90th Infantry Division - The Sniper
941st Engineers - Company A - Deadline
941st Engineers - Deadline
94th Infantry Division - The Attack
95th Infantry Division - The 95th Infantry Division Journal
98th Infantry Division - The Iroquois
9th Armored Division - 52nd Armored Infantry Battalion - The Armored Doughboy
Armored Force News
Base Section Four S.O.S. SWPA - The Bleat
Military Railway Service - The 3rd MRS Red Ball
Military Railway Service - The Yankee Boomer
XIX Corps - The Tomahawk
XXI Corps News
XXIV Corps - Corps Courier - The Leyte Graphic

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