World War II Events and Shows



Show of Shows with Irek and Dave

Just arrived, time to get ready like those guys

Well, looks great but where is the American flag!

Veterans table, let's visit them!

First the Flying Tigers with David Lee "Tex" Hill.

Tex Hill  P-40B.jpg (12667 bytes)

"Tex" Hill's P-40B.

Tex Hill  Blood Chit.jpg (8701 bytes)      Tex Hill  Jap Victories.jpg (10254 bytes)

"Tex" Hill Momentos.

Real Blood Chit Real Blood Chit

Two WWII Real Blood Chits.

Unreal, a Tuskegee pilot! Mr. Eugene J. Richardson Jr.

Tuskegee Pilot .jpg (49916 bytes)

Tuskegee Airmen Class 45A


Dave's favorite:  Robert L. Williams the 101st vet from Normandy.

Bob Williams 101st.jpg (13164 bytes)

Robert L. Williams 50th Anniversary Jump 1994


My treat of the day. On my left is the actual  pilot of a Me262 Mr. Walter Schuck (206 air victories) and on my right is a pilot of a P51, Colonel Joey Peterburs, whose only one air victory was shooting down this Me262 pilot. Both are friends now.

Walter Schuck and his "YELLOW ONE" Me262

Joe Peterburs P51.jpg (34108 bytes)

1st Lt Joseph Peterburs, 55th Fighter Squadron


Dave's next carpool vehicle.

This fine lady said that making replica parachute harnesses was the second hardest thing in her life after raising Mark Clark a co-worker of ours.


Show of Shows 2007 with Irek and Dave

Here we are again!


Place looks really busy.


Right of the back making friends with Gottfried P. Dulias


Another hero, Jack Lucas proudly wearing his Medal of Honor.


Who doesn't know this guy!


101st' Robert Williams revisiting the beaches of Normandy.


Tex Hill  Jap Victories.jpg (10254 bytes)
Ever watched Band of Brothers?


Real Blood Chit 2.jpg (18660 bytes) Real General.



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